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Document Management


Schultze, Boone & Silva has a highly-trained, para-professional staff that continually attends seminars related to the unique services provided by our firm. Additionally, our staff attends in-house seminars that are designed to enhance their knowledge of the varied issues that arise in a litigation context. The staff is trained to perform research in a divergent number of areas, including: (a) compensation; (b) SEC filings; (c) comparable sales; (d) governmental statistics; and (e) industry operating statistics, publications and research reports.

Document Management

Our firm manages, files and reviews tens of thousands of pages of documents annually. Therefore, we had a program specifically designed for our firm that will allow us to manage and track all documents received and produced to third parties.

Our document management personnel are highly-proficient in the management and filing of all documents received from clients. We are able to track all documents requested, received and produced by our Firm thereby producing informative document tracking and status reports for our clients and their counsel.


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