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Forensic Accounting
Litigation Support

Schultze, Boone & Silva focuses its practice entirely on business valuations and litigation support. Because of our unique concentration in the area of forensic accounting, we have the resources and expertise to handle the most complex and challenging cases. In addition to business valuations of all types and sizes, we offer expert testimony services and have been retained as a joint expert on many cases.

Business Valuations

The most important things we offer to our clients are knowledge and experience. Our principals have decades of financial consulting expertise. We have built a team of professionals who offer a thorough understanding of all aspects of family law forensic accounting. Our total immersion in the particular nuances and dynamics of this field enables us to constantly monitor developments and changes affecting clients' interests. We also require all firm members to participate in rigorous continuing education.

We are gratified that the majority of our business is referred to us by prominent and well-respected lawyers who entrust us with their clients' matters. We provide forensic accounting and litigation support services to clients and their attorneys throughout California and Nevada, in cases involving business valuations, apportionment of business interests, tracings, apportionment of real and personal property, including stock options, and spousal and child support determinations.

In family law disputes, the value of a business and/or separate versus community property is often the central issue. We understand that disagreements can be personal and often contentious. By conducting sound and thorough analyses, we deliver a work product of the highest integrity. We have found that accurate and reliable data forms the best foundation from which to forge a favorable resolution. In addition, we are mindful of the need to produce credible and convincing expert testimony for courtroom and mediation situations. In all cases, our approach is careful, thorough, disciplined and objective.


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